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Rainbow Tag

February 18, 2010
Rainbow Tag Outdoor Game from Family Fun
  1. To prepare, hide each toungue depressor along with the matching color of face paint in a different place around the yard.
  2. Next, choose someone to be Pinkie, the player who sneaks around trying to tag the other players and undo their progress. Give Pinkie something pink or rainbow-colored to wear.
  3. To play, set everyone but Pinkie out in search of the sticks.
  4. Each time a player finds one of the colored sticks, he should discreetly — don’t give away the location to the others! — paint a stripe on his face, then leave the stick and paint in place. Bluffing is encouraged to keep the locations secret.
  5. The catch: Pinkie will be lurking, trying to tag the players. Every time she does, she wipes off one of their stripes.
  6. The first player to get one stripe in each color wins.
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